Every group has rules. We will try to keep them to a minimum.


Feel free to give your opinion. There’s no agenda here and if you have a legitimate complaint, its good for the community to know about it and if we can, to help you solve it.

Feel free to share your success stories and brag. We like to hear about things that go right.

Give help to drivers in need. If someone has a question and you know the answer, help.

If another member is annoying to you, block them. Its easy, free, and will solve most problems.


Being critical of someone asking a question is not condoned. Ever. Don’t be THAT GUY we have to reign in. If you find yourself getting PM’s from an admin more than once you probably will not be worth the trouble.

Advertise. There are other places for that. I do reserve the right to promote anything of relevance to our Gig.

Out people by name. Its OK to post a general statement but its not OK to use anyone’s name in it. This is because I don’t want to be liable for any nonsense.

You WILL get kicked if….

I find evidence of you screenshotting anything on this site and sharing them anywhere.

You threaten any member, whether you have the ability to carry it out or not. Just don’t

We reserve the right to add or amend these rules and as a member of this group you are agreeing to follow them. Failure to adhere may require you to buy me lunch and explain why you are engaging in shenanigans