The Mariners/Angels brawl gave one delivery driver the tip of a lifetime
Jun 27, 2022 @ 14:39
The Mariners/Angels brawl gave one delivery driver the tip of a lifetime

Nobody knew that when Mariners’ outfielder Jesse Winker was hit with a pitch on Sunday afternoon it would result in a huge break for one Doordash driver in Anaheim.

Winker was struck at the top of the second inning. It was the second inning in a row a Mariners’ batter was pitched at, the first coming when Julio Rodriguez was almost hit in the first inning when a pitch went behind his head. After Winker was hit he rushed the Angels’ dugout, and the bench-clearing brawl resulted in Winker, along with numerous other players getting ejected. Mariners fans were thrilled Winkler stood up for the team, but one fan wanted to say thank you directly.

Normally this is where the story would end. A player gets a pizza, the game ends, and it’s just a fun footnote to it all. However, it’s here where things get so much better, because Sofie, the fan who ordered the pizza decided this would also be a chance to reward the Doordash driver with the tip of a lifetime.

IT IS DELIVERED! Tip info coming if he can reply, I’m hesitant to give my own Venmo/Cash App because I’m certain DoorDash has a maximum tip size.

— Sofie ️‍ (@sofieballgame) June 26, 2022

Everyone was following alone as Simranjeet Singh, the Doordash driver, got a pepperoni pizza delivered to the Mariners locker room. To show thanks Mariners twitter got together to tip him to the moon, with 300-400 fans paying their appreciation for Jess Winker forward to Singh, whose seemingly ordinary pizza pickup was anything but. In turned into what the driver called “a life-changing delivery.”

This is one of the best things to ever come out of an ejection in an MLB game. We love to see it.

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