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      Can a virtual number that works be linked with Uber drivers’/ delivers’ accounts. You need a phone number linked to it for both verification purposes and for when you need to call or text a customer: through the Uber drivers’ app you click the text/ call button and then it uses your phone to call/ text. The customer doesn’t see your number, but you still use your number for it. I have tried Google Voice and Text Now but they don’t work for this. <strong class=”_12FoOEddL7j_RgMQN0SNeU”>The reason I want this is because I would like my girlfriend to be able to use my deliver’s account sometimes, so if we used a virtual number she could have access to it too. Is this possible? Plz help

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      They appear to know when a number is thru a cell carrier and when its virtual. I havent heard of any successful use of them

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