Welcome to Dasherland.com! We are a PRIVATE community of Doordash drivers from around the country, focused on improving our Gig and making the most from it!

A Forum and a News site

Not only can you gather and discuss issues, we post the latest news articles which you can comment on and provide your perspective!

Private and Secure

This site operates behind 2 layers of authentication. You have registered for the site ( the first step) and validated your email. Then you were asked to become a member which allows you to view all pages, forums and articles.

Why do we do this? Its simple. People on social forums have their comments scrutinized by the world. In Dasherland, you dont have to worry about expressing your true feelings.

Your responsibilities as a Member

Dasherland is NOT a safe space but that doesnt mean anything goes.  You have the ability to block users you dont want to interact with. Take advantage of that.

That being said, if someone seems to be coming unhinged and not listening to reason, you could be put in time out. There are only two things (as of now anyway) that will get you banned.

  1.  Threatening another member. Just dont do it.
  2.  Screenshotting conversations here and posting them publicly. This is a PRIVATE site. Its Vegas. Whats said here stays here.

So welcome to Dasherland.com! Get the word out in your local communities and lets build this, together!